Hampton Scholarship

The Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Hampton Memorial Scholarship is a educational initiative of Transforming Lives & Restoring Hope (TLRH) Ministries. The scholarship exists to provide educational support to the communities in Halifax County, North Carolina and the Emporia and Hampton Roads, Virginia areas. Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Hampton taught in the Greensville County Public Schools for over 30 years and pastored several local churches. Rev. Dr. Hampton believed in a holistic approach for growth and development. He contended “the true purpose of the church is to meet the needs of its people. It must meet physical, emotional, and political needs as well as spiritual needs”. The Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Hampton Scholarship will be awarded annually to deserving high school seniors.

The Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Hampton Memorial Scholarship is both an academic and need-based scholarship. Our goal is to target students who desire to attend Winston-Salem State University and the University of Virginia, Rev. Dr. Hampton’s alma maters. We will; however, consider students with high academic potential or who can demonstrate a significant need but wish to attend other academic institutions.

Rev. Hampton’s overall goal was to sow into the lives of the community’s children in order to enable them to be the future leaders of the church and community. TLRH is committed to making Rev. Dr. Hampton’s vision a reality. Our vision is to develop and grow leaders who are strong and prepared to lead and excel academically, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Scholarship Application