Transforming Lives & Restoring Hope, Inc. (TLRH) educational seminars and workshops are designed with the adult learner in mind. We structure our programs and educational offerings to align with a lifelong learning construct. We believe all adults want to learn; however, we accept that rigid training environments do not always motivate the adult learner. It is important to enlist the learner ‘s support in creating an environment that takes into account personal goals, cultural diversity, and learning styles.

TLRH seminars and workshops combine social theory, adult learning strategies, and core biblical principles to build a motivational learning environment. We want our seminars to do more than simply educate, we are hoping for the miracle of transformation that comes when learning take place.

TLRH embraces the belief that our clients come to us with knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, philosophies and ways of thinking based on years of life and living. We don’t discount their educational experience. We partner with them to assess their learning needs and determine areas for growth and development. Our seminars are designed to increase awareness of past learning experiences, build on prior learning by acquiring new skills and precepts, improve self-concepts that will increase the readiness for new skills, and partner with clients to chart the course for their future.

We ask our seminar and workshop participants to evaluate the learning experience, and suggest changes to the curriculum or delivery methodology. We also require our instructors to submit evaluations that query the need to alter content, seminar structure, instructional material, and learning aids.